Cleo by Marli Slip-On Collar

Cleo by Marli Slip-On Collar


18K Gold 

16.10 Gm 

1.65 Ct


Inspired by the precision of classical architecture and the powerful elegance of young Cleopatra, the Cleo by MARLI Slip-On Collar makes a distinctive statement from the average necklace. The collar is crafted from 18K white, rose, or yellow gold, set with brilliant-cut diamonds around the front portion, and capped with the signature Cleo gemstone of your choice. Available in black onyx, green jade, lapis, turquoise, red agate, white agate, and pink opal, the collar slips on securely with no clasp required. Complete your look with the Cleo by MARLI Slip-On Bangle. 

Available in White, Rose and Yellow gold with seven stone options. 

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